Race, Solidarity, and the Carceral State
Spring 2021 & Fall 2021, Harvard University
An advanced seminar for undergraduate students, this course surveys how U.S. social and racial justice movements have encountered and interacted with the rise of the carceral state. Together we will ask: what possibilities of resistance are imagined under conditions of repression? And how have these possibilities of resistance and conditions of repression changed over time?

Puerto Rican Geographies of Liberation
This advanced seminar for undergraduate and graduate students explores how Puerto Rican radicals, in the archipelago and the diaspora, have interacted with liberation movements across the globe.

Latinx Freedom Dreams
This undergraduate lecture introduces students to the multiple and varied roles Latinxs have played in U.S. civil rights movements and global freedom struggles, paying particular attention to race relations and democracy during the Cold War.

The United States and the World
This lecture traces the development of American society from the perspective of the United States’ interactions with the wider world, focusing on the development and expansion of U.S. empire, American diplomacy, and the relationship between transnational contexts and “domestic” political and social concerns.